Vacuum dryers, Flash dryers, such as development of common drying equipment

the future development trend of drying equipment industry may prefer a more in-depth study of the dry principle and drying properties, we need to know the different materials drying equipment and in optimal operating conditions, the development and improvement of dryers to achieve an optimal price-performance ratio.
a fundamental trend of drying equipment is to carry out large-scale, high strength and high economy, and to improve the adaptability and quality of raw materials, but also to further research and development of new and efficient and adapted to the special requirements of the dryer, such as combined drying machine.
to grow longer and you also need to take into account the dryer's attention to energy-saving and comprehensive utilization of energy, such as using a variety of combined heating and portable heat pump and heat pipe technology, develop solar dryers, drying equipment automatic control technology, so you can ensure the realization of optimal operating conditions.
there are many types of drying equipment, typically also have a lot of course, Flash dryer, fluidized bed dryers, vacuum dryer, rake type vacuum dryer, belt dryer and so on, maybe more people would want to know what are the essential differences between them, following is a brief introduction of some common drying equipment
materials of vacuum low-temperature vacuum drying machine equipment. Equipment mainly used in high added-value, and has a heat sensitive agricultural products, health products, food, herbs, fruits and vegetables, chemicals and other raw materials drying; used in chemical product concentration, crystal water, enzymes for removing dry, vacuum extraction of Chinese herbal medicine, applied research experiments.
boiling dry machine is with using control valve regulation makes air by hot Exchange device heating, due to wind pressure of role moments completed material drying, while used more layer filter device, efficient, security and quality reliable; and Flash steam dry machine of into wind direction is cut to into wind, such dry paragraph within of rotating wind speed by into wind speed to determine of, such on no a set value, and its Super fine powder dry machine rotating wind speed is to high-speed rotating of crushed disc for power of rotating wind speed, not by system interference, to guarantee production reliable, Product quality is stable.
Harrow vacuum drier is rake type vacuum drying technology at home and abroad based on a variety of paste, paste, granule, powder, fibrous materials such as strengthening, improved design of. Harrow vacuum drier continuous improvement and focused, had a more variant varieties adaptability improvement. For sealing mechanism of improvement, ensure that the shaft seal is effective and safe. Rake type dry machine is in domestic traditional vacuum rake type dry machine of technology based on for various pulp-like, and cream-like, and granular, and powder, and fiber-like, material strengthening, and improved design and into of, drive part used work stable, and durable of cylindrical gear deceleration machine, active axis used added rough of solid axis, full guarantee vacuum rake type dry machine in various bad of work environment Xia of stable running.

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