Vacuum drier in chemical industry, medicine, agriculture and other applications
Vacuum drying technology and equipment to extend the shelf life of foods, preserved food original flavor and nutrients, retention capabilities of the physiological activity and enhancing the health food raw materials, increase the added value of agricultural products, are of positive significance, thus in the health food industry and processing industry of agricultural products has a wide arena. Vacuum drying equipment and technology due to its low temperature drying, active ingredients less damage, loose and easy to dissolve and absorbed, drying and sterilization carried out the advantages of effective composition in order to ensure that products of high, sterile high index, good oral absorption.
vacuum drying machine is widely used in biochemistry, chemical and pharmaceutical, health care, agricultural research, environmental protection and other areas of research and applications, as a dry powder, baking, as well as disinfection and sterilization of all types of glass containers. Vacuum dryer is a static vacuum drying, drying will not damage. Particularly suitable for drying heat sensitive, easy to decompose, easily oxidized substances and complex component items for fast and efficient drying. Vacuum dryer material under vacuum the boiling point lower, increases the driving force of heat transfer of evaporator, so some heat, saving evaporator heat transfer area: evaporating heat source for operation of low pressure steam or surplus heat steam; (special heated by water or oil, the factory can be specially designed for you. ) Evaporator of hot loss reduced; vacuum dry machine applies Yu in high temperature Xia easy decomposition, and aggregate and metamorphic of hot sensitive sex material of dry; in dry Qian can for disinfection processing, dry process in the any not pure real are no mix;
vacuum dry machine using Shi must note of points:
1, and vacuum dry machine vacuum box shell must effective grounding, to guarantee using security. Vacuum drying chamber relative humidity 85%RH four weeks without corrosive gas, no strong vibration source and in a strong electromagnetic field. Vacuum drying chamber Studio, explosion-proof, corrosion-free, not Yi Ran, explosive, corrosive gases to drying. Dry goods such as moist, best added between the vacuum chamber and a vacuum pump filter, preventing moist air into the vacuum pump and cause pump failure. Dry items such as dried and changed to a light weight, small size (small particles), in the Studio plus vacuum resistance network to prevent drying and damage the vacuum pump (or solenoid valve).
2 vacuum pumps, vacuum drying machine cannot work for a long time, serious air to dry items when vacuum valves should be closed and sealed vacuum pump power supply, vacuum is smaller than the dry goods requirements, then open the vacuum valves and vacuum pump power, continued to vacuum, which can extend the life of vacuum pumps.
3, vacuum dryers after they have been used more than once, will not vacuum phenomenon, should be subject to maintenance at this time, they cannot be separated vacuum dryer box cover so as not to damage the electric control system on the left side. Replacing the door seal or adjust the door latch out of the interval box to resolve. Carefully empty container when drying temperature above 200 c, will have a slow leak, opened the box behind the cover with a hex wrench, loosen the heater base, replace the seals or fastening the heater base to solve. Valve rubber plug rotation difficulties, can be painted in amount of grease lubrication.
4, vacuum dryers should always be kept clean. Door glass react do not use chemical solution to clean, soft cotton cloth. Vacuum dryer long time, wipe the exposed plated after the coated with neutral grease to prevent corrosion, and put on plastic dust cover, placed in a dry room, so as to avoid electrical components from moisture damage, affect the use.

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