Vacuum rake dryer parts and suitable materials to introduce material drying
Rake dryer is a conduction heat transfer of dryers, heat from inside the jacket tube wall heat conduction. Materials without direct contact with the heating medium, suitable for drying small amounts of the heat-sensitive and oxygen-sensitive-mud, paste materials, moisture content in the range of 15%~90%.
vacuum rake dryer is in the introduction of foreign rake type dryly technical improvements on the basis of a new horizontal-type batch vacuum drying equipment. Item lot invested a certain amount, and then through the outer jacket of the heating cylinder wall, wall conduction heating drying, evaporation out wet materials are conducted, mixer with a wiping arm continue to clear the surface of the material, and form over loop current, after evaporation of water by the pump out. Vacuum rake dryer has a simple structure, easy operation, long service life, stable and reliable performance, small steam consumption, strong applicability, products of good quality, especially for not resistant to high temperatures, inflammable and easily oxidized materials at high temperature drying, vacuum rake dryer user long-term use has proved to be a good drying equipment.

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