Anticorrosion technology of drying equipment and organic design concept spin flash dryer
Drying equipment is one of the most widely used unit can be considered equipment applications throughout all sectors of national production. Drying equipment, must not simply believe that it is only physical method of dewatering machine. Due to the drying process of the different materials, wet type, different products have different indicators. Equipment installation location, manufacturing of drying equipment selection, Type of equipment, as well as manufacturing and installation methods have different requirements.
anticorrosive methods of drying equipment most of the drying equipment is to weld, plate, tube body. Dryer was embalmed for a different purpose, here are several some of the experiences in the corrosion of materials and manufacturing methods.
– phosphating passivation process in manufacturing of vibrating fluidized-bed dryer, 70% parts are carbon steel. Process flow for a long time and therefore generates a lot of rust on the surface, rust before painting requires a lot of hand. Phosphating – passivation is the electronic and electrochemical reaction through all at once, can be full of rusted iron and steel artifacts, the original color of the metal to the surface and generate dense film layer on metal surfaces. You can put more than 10 days in a humid air, will not rust. Its operation is simple, and can improve work environment, reduce labor intensity and save resources. Phosphate – passivation fluids containing emulsifiers, soluble phosphate and molybdate salts, acids, and the methods used in these models, or other similar structures can be treated using this method.
application of electrostatic powder spraying on the dry equipment manufacture of traditional paints are liquid, which contains large amounts of esters ketones and hydrocarbons and other organic solvents, production, storage and transportation, construction of a series of troubles, inflammable and very insecure. Because there is a certain degree of toxicity, evaporate into the atmosphere, seriously polluting the environment. Therefore, both at home and abroad paint professionals committed to developing less solution or no solution the new coating. Powder coating is one of this new type of paint.
with the development of innovative industrial equipment, drying equipment industry also continues to introduce new, which rapidly spinning flash dryer is a breakthrough. Spin flash dryer advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, drying, crushing, screening all at once, reduce operation, energy saving, pollution-free, the performance reached advanced level at home and abroad.
spin flash dryer swirl, flow, spray and organic combination of grinding classification technology. Compact, small size, high efficiency, continuous production, achieve a "small equipment, large production". Fast rotating Flash steam dry machine used variety advanced device, as used variety feeding device, makes feeding continuous stable, feeding process not produced bridge phenomenon; fast rotating Flash steam dry machine bottom used special of cooling device, avoid has material in bottom high temperature district occurred stick wall and the metamorphic phenomenon; used special of pressure sealed device and bearing cooling device, effective extended drive part of using life; used special of points wind device, reduced has equipment resistance, and effective provides has dry machine of processing air; Drying room fitted with grading rings and swirl, you can adjust the fineness and moisture content of materials used agitator grinding equipment, the material produces strong shearing, blowing floating, rotating using air filters, Cyclone separator, dust remover and effective removal of dust, avoid environmental and material pollution. This equipment heat and mass transfer, and production intensity is high, the drying time is short, shorter residence time. The device is widely used in the soya protein, Agglomerative starch, wheat starch, food

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