Flash dryer parts of the structure and operating principles
Flash dryer is composed of air intake system, heating system, charging system, collection, drying host dust removal system, exhaust system, control system, etc. When wet materials by the Auger into the drying chamber, materials in a dry room with high speed hot air meet, fine powder materials are hot with a move to the top of the drying chamber, can't take material falls at the bottom of the drying chamber, broken by smashing equipment at the bottom of, the material was quickly dispersed, material contact area increases rapidly with the hot air. Under the action of centrifugal force (top grading), dryness and a certain degree of fineness of product is blowing out grading, material drying has been made in the process.
Flash steam dry machine has technology content high, standardization high, environmental, and security, low, maintenance simple, advantages, in design structure Shang:
Flash steam dry machine upper set grading device, through change grading device of hole diameter and grading paragraph of height, then change air velocity, control left dry device of particles size and number, and eventually moisture and the material in dry paragraph within of stay time. Flash steam dry machine bottom set pour cone form structure, makes dry gas circulation section bottom gradually expanded, bottom air relative larger, upper air relative smaller, to guarantee lower of big particles in flow of State of while, upper of small particles also in flow of State, and makes hot air along vertebral body Department rotating, improve bottom wind speed, narrowed has mixing axis hanging arm part of length, increased has running of security reliability; can makes bearing put in machine outside, effective prevent bearing in high temperature district work, to extended has bearing of using life. Flash dryer agitator shaft speed stepless speed regulating motor control. Selecting a different speed according to product size requirements, stirring shaft speed, the fastest, the product particle size smaller. Flash dryer mix set on the tooth scraper, the material is teeth grinding by stirred at the same time, and was thrown to the wall, adhesive on the wall, if not to scrape, severe vibration, even muffled a blender does not turn. Mixing set on the tooth scraper, Peel Stick wall materials in a timely manner and avoid sticky wall.

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