Vacuum dryers with different applications and features of rake dryer
Vacuum dryer is the empty state material solvent boiling point under reduced, so apply to dry unstable or heat-sensitive materials; vacuum dryer has good sealing property, so they are suitable for drying solvent recovery and stimulation, toxic gas material. Vacuum dryer has a dry temperature is low, dry interior is relatively poor in oxygen, avoiding fat oxidation, pigment Brown and a series of advantages, suitable for heat-sensitive dry food items, and equipment costs, drying costs are relatively low, point has an important role in vacuum drying in the drying. Vacuum dryer combined with microwave heating or other drying methods, there have been many new types of vacuum drying equipment, gives new meaning and vitality of vacuum drying. Vacuum dryer microwave-vacuum drying to absorb the microwave vacuum drying and the advantages of both, the drying technology is a promising recommended accelerating the research and development of microwave vacuum drying equipment in China.
rake dryer with a large mezzanine heating heat transfer surface and high thermal efficiency. ¡Ñbeing installed stirring; the items within the tube to form a continuous loop and further improves the uniformity of material heating. Rake dryer set stirring; to smooth paste; paste, paste-like materials dry. Rake dryer is the introduction of Shanghai Research Institute of chemical equipment technology improvement on the basis of a new horizontal type vacuum drying equipment wet material via conduction evaporated with scraper agitators constantly clear the hot item on the surface; and over form a cycle within the container flow after evaporation of water by the pump out. Rake dryer applications: pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries the following drying, suitable for slurry, paste, powder materials. Requires low temperature drying of thermosensitive materials; oxygen-sensitive, explosive, strong stimulation, saw poison materials; requires organic solvent recovery materials.

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