Flash drying function to effectively control the final moisture and fineness, through the regulation of temperature, feeding, hot air classifier
Flash dryer is a kind of torsion-free destruction device airflow type drying equipment system, inorganic link flow, Vortex, spouting, destruction, grading technology, is the flow of technology, Cyclone technology, spray hands arts and spread the heat degradation of technology combinations, used for drying materials with water. Drying of wet materials through the flash dryer duct outside the separation into the heated air, drying between seconds.
Flash steam dry machine not was using Yu many industrial category outside, include food, and chemical, and mineral and polymer, material of share situation also is General, include powder, and block, and particles-like, and sheet-like, and paste-like, and gel colloidal and pulp-like, are can (is disposal pulp-like, and paste-like or viscous material Shi, wet and dry material of reverse mixed and is required of). Flash dryer is the fastest-growing category one of the most common drying equipment, domestic flash dryer, also known as cyclone dryer, reverse fast-drying machine.
flash dryer is typical of the fluidized bed drying, realize sustainable use of dynamic drying, and overcome the static heat efficiency is low, labor, pollution and waste critical, error, errors, chemical products are truly on the drying unit efficiency, quality, efficiency and full of the same.
flash dryer from a cylindrical drying chamber from the bottom of the damage to the flow of dry, external and departmental structure to complete the destruction of the material, drying, grading, and so on. There is no heater, feeder, agitator broken system, grading, drying tubes broke up, cyclone, bag filter, blower and other components. Natural air by heating Ann split heating Hou by Flash steam dry machine into outlet to suitable of spray blow speed from dry machine bottom into mixing damage dry room, and spiral-like rose, while, material by added feeder quantitative meddling in Tower within, and take hot air for full hot swap, on material occurred strongly of shear, and blow floating, and reverse role, so material every to centrifugal, and shear, and touch touch, and friction and was micro-material of, and strengthened has biography volume heat transfer. Flash dryer bottom, large wet particles is the Blender to be mechanical breakdown, low moisture content, particle size smaller particle entrainment rise, rising process further dryness and thinning, dry the product is discharged through cyclone broke up, dust concentration in the exhaust gas by pulse bag filter dust discharged into the atmosphere outside.
flash drying function to effectively control the final moisture and fineness, through the regulation of feeding, hot air, separator to ensure uniform moisture content and fineness of the product. Flash dryer is a drying and crushing and screening of new continuous drying equipment, particularly applicable to the cake-like, paste, diluted mud-like material drying. Flash dryer is kaigong in the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on their own successful development of new drying equipment of advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, wide application range, large capacity, good quality, high efficiency, energy saving, on a device within the drying and crushing, screening a complete elimination of pollution; the performance reached the international advanced level. Lower part of the flash dryer; large wet particles in the presence of mixers were pulverized; lower moisture content, particle size smaller particles rotating air entrainment rise, rise further during drying.

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