1, before selling:
establish a profile, get in touch with customers, introducing the technology and equipment for the situation, understanding user needs, recommend equipment, related to implementation of material and technical preparation, perfecting technical parameters.
2, sales:
user-related drawings, technical data and coordinate user equipment Setup construction, to inform users of production speed, production quality. User synchronization progress and equipment manufacture. Dealing with emergencies, maintain good communication with the user.
3 and after-sale:
① send teams to install user guide, responsible for commissioning until delivery.
II is responsible for user actions on personnel, maintenance of skills training.
and aim at long-term prices for better quality provision of spare parts.
II equipment shelf life one years, in acceptance Hou one years within for equipment itself quality caused of equipment damaged, is responsible for free maintenance, as for operation improper caused of fault charged cost fee, and implemented 48 hours service maintenance, that in received user message first a 24 hours within must answered user of problem, as cannot in phone in the solution, is in next 24 hours within arrived user site solution problem.