Yunnan jade Sheng dry equipment limited is a specifically engaged in development production various dry machine, and vacuum dry machine, and sludge dry machine, and business grain machine, and mill, and
dry machine, and dry equipment, and with type dry machine, and Flash steam dry machine, and spray dry machine, and air dry machine, and dehumidification dry machine, and air dry machine, and plastic dry machine, and vacuum frozen dry machine, and hot air dry machine, and frozen dry machine products mixed machine and screening dust, various equipment of professional sex production enterprise. Our products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, building materials, agricultural and other light and heavy industry sectors. Because of the support of many customers and Tamamori staff for their hard work, "Yu sheng" brand has been popular and has achieved an excellent reputation in the user.
the company has strong technical force, perfect test system, precision processing equipment and strict management system. With its advanced management concepts, and drying industry of management brought together a group of elite, has a team of more than 10 years has been engaged in the drying equipment research and development, design and manufacturing experts and professors and engineering and technical personnel.
the company spirit of "to science and technology, quality and development" business philosophy, to promote "integrity, dedication to excellence," the spirit of enterprise, dedicated to provide users with first-class service at home and abroad, exploration and innovation, pursuit of the lead and continued to rely on social support from friends, go hand in hand in conjunction with the company, to create a better future.